Featuring Chocolate Soap and Body Butter October 19 2014, 0 Comments

I made my first batch of chocolate soap to entice my then 7 year old son to enjoy his showers and really lather up the way he was suppose to. Mothers you know the drill. They go to the bathroom and run the water trying to make you believe they are showering. Or they get in the shower and don’t lather the way they are supposed to. After introducing chocolate soap to my son he would lather up twice before leaving the shower. He smelled like a nice cup of hot chocolate. I noticed how the smell of chocolate impacted not only him but myself. His smell made the whole house more relaxed and chilled. I started studying the benefits of chocolate and found that the smell of chocolate may increase theta brain waves, resulting in relaxation. Chocolate also contains phenyl ethylamine, which is a mild mood elevator.

The smell of chocolate is scientifically proven to be a male aphrodisiac. Because of this, a chocolate scent might be a great choice if you are looking to entice your male companion. Chocolate perfume also may help you lose weight. New studies have shown that when you smell chocolate, your brain may be fooled into thinking you actually consumed chocolate. This might help to curve chocolate cravings.

I was at a street fair selling my products when a couple stopped by to try some samples of my body butter. The wife tried the hot chocolate body butter and held her arm out for her husband to sniff it. The husband says “Wow, smells good enough to eat you!” To my dismay the wife missed out and said “Oh, we don’t want that” as she proceeded to find another fragrance. To all the wives, girlfriends and mothers don’t miss out today. Try Simple Luxuries chocolate soap and body butter, let’s see the difference it may make on your whole family.