The smell of chocolate is scientifically proven to be a male aphrodisiac. Because of this, a chocolate scent might be a great choice if you are looking to entice your male companion. Chocolate perfume also may help you lose weight. New studies have shown that when you smell chocolate, your brain may be fooled into thinking you actually consumed chocolate. This might help to curve chocolate cravings.  Chocolate soap is for everyone!!

This Simple Luxuries chocolate soap is an all natural shea butter soap made with 45% Shea butter.  The use of coco powder makes you feel like your actually showering with chocolate.  The highly moisturizing lather leaves your skin feeling smooth, hydrated and clean.  Try chocolate soap today.

 Ingredients:  Shea butter, Coconut oil, olive oil, coco powder, water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance and vanilla essential oil


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